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 They say 30 days hath November...I say let's do 30 days Hath Yoga
                 Join our 30 day Yoga Challenge in November

The holidays are approaching quickly, which means our lives become busier and our minds go on overload!  We forget that we have to take care of ourselves. So, this holiday season, find something to do for yourself. Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind and to simply take a breath. During the month of November I encourage you to take 15 minutes a day, you can choose the pose of the day, videos, or your own practice. Keep track on your calendar and submit it to be placed in a drawing for prizes!

 Sunshine Fitness & Yoga offers a variety of innovative and fun exercise classes and services. A small group setting provides a more individual and hands-on program.

Monday-Thursday Classes are held at the Huron YWCA, located at  17 5th St. SW.

NO Contracts! Pay as you go, or by month, or 3 months at a time.

For more information call Susan at (605)461-1618 or email


Sunshine Fitness & Yoga|Susan Carson, ACE Certified (605)461-1618
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